About Us

About Captured Memories

We are a locally owned and operated Western Canadian company that excels in sports photos, portrait photography, and wedding portraits.  Our skilled and friendly team has been responding to the unique needs of our clients since 1996 and we strive to ensure that you will not only enjoy your portrait experience, but also be thrilled with the results.

We prove it with every click of the camera… our pictures speak for themselves!

Our Mission

Our Comitment to You

To provide our clients with the best photographic experience possible in a relaxing and enjoyable setting; while delivering the highest quality product in the most timely manner.
One Client at a time.
Simply put… Smile, Laugh, Have Fun!

Our Services

No Matter What You Need

Everyone has specific needs, and we are all unique!
Because of that we offer a variety of package options, individual prints as well as fully customizable items.
Do you have a specific idea in mind?
Your own special location?
Or would like to customize one of our packages?
Just let us know and we will work with you to create what you are looking for.

Sport Photography
  • Individual
  • Teams
  • On Location
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • On/Off Ice
  • Action

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    Wedding Photography
  • Individual
  • Bride & Groom
  • Wedding Party
  • Finishing Touches
  • Engagement
  • Destination
  • Families

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    Portrait Photography
  • Individual
  • Family
  • Children
  • Commercial
  • Business
  • Schools

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    Our Team

    Andrea “Andi” Keeler

    Position: Behind the camera
    Sign: Sagittarius
    Favourite time of year: Spring
    Favourite activity:
    Climbing up the side of a mountain or a frozen waterfall, diving underwater looking for tiny critters, or relaxing on a beach in the sun.
    Profession: Professional Photographer, PADI Scuba Instructor, Explorer
    Years of experience in photography: Pro since 1995
    Ambitions & Goals in regards to photography:
    To continue photographing the remote corners of the world, enjoying all the wonder and excitement that our beautiful planet has to offer and having my images and experiences help preserve the amazing planet that we live on.
    Advice for the beginner in photography: 
    Follow your passion; photograph the things that inspire you and learning to see the light is what makes great images not having the best and most expensive equipment.
    Favourite piece of photographic equipment I own:  Other than my passport, it would have to be my underwater cameras and equipment.
    Favourite photographer: Renee Robyn, Warne Noyce, Daryl Benson, Tim Fitzharris, Darwin Wiggett



    Position: Behind the Scenes and Behind the Backdrop
    Sign: Scorpio
    Favourite time of year: Summer
    Favourite activity: Camping next to the lake with a paddleboard and my backpack
    Profession: Personal Trainer, Business Management
    Years of experience in photography: 10+
    Ambitions & Goals in regards to photography: To continue managing and promoting the craft of photography. Encouraging people to invest in the moments we can never have back again, and to cherish the time we have as little as it is.
    Advice for the beginner in photography:  Never give up! Every career I have ever worked has its ups and downs. Once you find your passion and are lucky enough to persue it give it everything youve got and go for it!
    Favourite piece of photographic equipment I own:  My albums.
    Favourite photographer: Too many unique ones to name!


    Position: Photographer Extraordinaire/Mega Mom
    Sign: Capricorn
    Favourite time of year: Fall
    Favourite activity: Going to Comic Expos with friends in hopes of making it to a Comicon in the future.
    Profession: Photographer, Domestic Engineer (aka Stay At Home Mama)
    Years of experience in photography: Since 2009
    Ambitions & Goals in regards to photography: To continue learning and furthering my experiences in photography.
    Advice for the beginner in photography: Never stop learning and growing. Ask questions if you don’t know something, use and grow from the feedback, and don’t forget to smile!
    Favourite piece of photographic equipment I own: An old Polaroid camera that my best friend gave me for one of my birthdays.
    Favourite photographer: Andy Gotts; Louise and Teo of Taylor & Porter


    Position: Assistant/Selfie Expert
    Sign: Pisces
    Favourite time of year: Fall/Winter
    Favourite activity: Travelling
    Profession: Student
    Years of experience in photography: 3
    Ambitions & Goals in regards to photography: Finding different ways to capture special moments in my personal,and work life.
    Advice for the beginner in photography: Never stop learning new techniques and taking photographs of things you enjoy.
    Favourite piece of photographic equipment I own: My Polaroid camera and my phone, like most typical young women. ☺


    Position: Assistant/Partner in Crime
    Sign: Virgo
    Favourite time of year: Spring
    Favourite activity: Driving our camera lady crazy, walking in the rain, enjoying life at night.
    Profession: Harassment Specialist, Professional Bookkeeper
    Years of experience in photography: Just be glad I’m not taking the photos
    Ambitions & Goals: To travel the world and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer both on land and below the water.
    Favourite photographer: Andrea Keeler

    Who We Work With

    Our clients are people that have a passion for life and appreciate that quality photography is not about taking pictures but rather about capturing memories.
    They know when working with us that their photo session will be customized to meet all of our clients unique needs and that everyone will be treated with respect while providing quality they expect and deserve.
    Our clients are very special people!

    Our Client List
  • Community Leagues
  • Sports Organizations
  • On Location
  • Rural Communities
  • Brides & Grooms
  • Families
  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Businesses
  • Sports Teams
  • Graduates